Emory TV show apologizes for racist joke made by student anchor

‘The referred-to segment was poorly written and in poor taste, which we fully recognize at The Dooley Show’

An Emory University student TV show apologized yesterday following an anchor’s racially-insensitive on-air remarks.

The Dooley Show, an ETV news program funded by the university’s Student Government Association, typically discusses issues with a satirical angle.

The show’s efforts to sardonically raise awareness, however, recently went awry during a bit about the Supreme Court’s Fisher v. University of Texas ruling last month, which reviewed the use of affirmative action in the college admissions process. Student anchor John Roofeh said:

“It’s up to you to find those kids that shouldn’t be here, and are at the school only because of affirmative action. Proven methods here at The Dooley Show include lynching, tarring and feathering, and cross burning.”

“By including disbelieving laughter in the episode,” The Dooley Show producers said in a Facebook post on Wednesday. “We hoped to further highlight that The Dooley Show was using extreme sarcasm to voice disdain for a potentially detrimental policy decision.”

The Dooley Show posted another statement yesterday about the remarks, saying that: