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Cash mobs’ coming back to southwest Atlanta businesses

Residents support local businesses in large groups on specific date


  • Patrick Berry
  • Residents of several southwest Atlanta neighborhoods packed the Metro Lanes bowling alley on Metropolitan Parkway as part of the communities ‘cash mob’ initiative

Intown Southwest Atlanta neighborhoods are once again coming together for a “Cash Mob” — a planned mass visit to local businesses to help support the entrepreneurs.

The efforts focus on supporting local businesses in eight southwest Atlanta neighborhoods — Westview, West End, Sylvan Hills, Pittsburgh, Oakland City, Capitol View Manor, Capital View, and Adair Park — along the Atlanta Beltline’s Westside Trail, which is currently under construction.

The cash mob’s goal is simple: generate cash for local businesses that are dedicated to providing respectful, clean, and safe environments that offer healthy and fresh food options.

The program’s kickoff recently took place at the Metro Lanes bowling alley on Metropolitan Parkway. Almost 100 people came out and bowled, ate food, and hung out. Adair Park Neighborhood Association President Randy Gibbs says in an email to cash mob participants that the turnout was almost double what was expected and has continued to help boost the entertainment center’s sales.

Next on the cash mob’s itinerary this weekend is Bakari’s Pizza at West End. In the following weeks, residents plan to visit Ms. D’s Cafe in Westview, Kemper’s Jamaican Restaurant in Sylvan Hills, and Mustard Seed in Oakland City.

More cash mobs will be held leading up to September’s daylong showcase of the area known as Development Day. The regular event helps the neighborhoods introduce developers and entrepreneurs to existing private businesses and nonprofits as well as available opportunities.