TAR rolls out new residents

Plus, the four selected artists work to present a group project.

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Orion Psychotherapy, founded by psychologist Orion Crook, has selected four upcoming artists to participate in this year’s Therapeutic Artists Residency Project, a program aimed at helping rising artists enhance their careers through therapy and mentoring. 

Steven L. Anderson, Kyle A. HendersonJulie L. Sims, and Xenia Simos will engage in monthly individual and group sessions for a year, working towards a group exhibit featuring their individual and group work. In individual sessions, the artists will focus on finding deeper, personal themes in their work, while the group sessions will focus on structured themes. 

During their year-long stint, the residents will explore therapeutic themes in their work and how creative processes can be therapeutic, the relationships between art and coping mechanisms, and how art reflects other patterns in their lives. The four artists will critique each other’s works, while eventually developing a group piece that will be collectively presented and curated at the conclusion of the 12-month project.