First Slice 3/18/16: Will Dugan's make way for Chik-fil-A on Ponce?

Dugan's has yet to confirm the real estate rumor

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Though Dugan's has yet to confirm it
, the real estate rumor persists that the bar located on Ponce since 1982 will be replaced by a Chik-fil-A. Eater calls it part of "the spiffification of Ponce de Leon."

Where's the loot? Thousands of dollars collected from students are disappearing from Atlanta schools and no one seems to have answers.

Atlanta's already catching major flack over the so-called "religious freedom" bill. Software company Salesforce has issued a statement threatening to pull a global conference from the city along with statewide investment: “Salesforce is calling on Governor Deal to veto HB 757 because the legislation creates an environment of discrimination and makes the state of Georgia seem unwelcoming to same-sex couples and the LGBTQ community.”

The man who poured boiling water on a sleeping couple in College Park because they are gay could face federal hate crime charges.

And Atlanta rapper Offset of the group Migos landed back in jail after being arrested for a suspended license outside a sushi restaurant.

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