First Slice 3-25-14: There’s another plan for MLK Drive near the proposed Falcons stadium...

Plus, Common Core? More like Common Communism!


  • Joeff Davis/CL File
  • Residents blasted city’s decision to close and demolish a portion of MLK Drive for preliminary stadium site work

Mayor Kasim Reed is floating a new design to prevent Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive from awkwardly dead-ending in Northside Drive south of the proposed Atlanta Falcons stadium site. But it might cost extra.

Why was Tyana Boyd, 25, shot on the shoulder of I-20 yesterday afternoon?

The brave men and women who blew the whistle on Dictator Obama’s spectacular effort to hoodwink American parents and implement national brainwashing standards called “Common Core” ain’t going anywhere.

Atlanta Police are investigating whether Shaquille O’Neal played a little too rough with a co-worker at Turner Studios. The former NBA star has not been charged with any crime.

And ICYMI: Living Walls thinks some Atlanta City Councilmembers’ plan to regulate art on private property could use a lot of fixin’. And Councilwoman Joyce Sheperd, who’s pushing the proposal, says it will actually help artists’ First Amendment rights.

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