Morning Newsdome: Paper linking Autism to vaccines was an elaborate fraud January 06 2011

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>> The British medical journal BMJ has found that Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s now-retracted 1998 paper linking vaccines to autism was not only scientific error but an “elaborate fraud.” Since then, vaccination rates in America have hit record lows and measles have rapidly increased. Furthermore, what will Jenny McCarthy talk about now on her daytime talk rotations? (CNN)

>> As John Boehner took over the Speaker of the House position from Nancy Pelosi yesterday, which is second in line for the presidency, the notoriously emotional politician teared up. This isn’t his first time crying for the cameras. Come to think of it, I’m crying too that he’s Speaker of the House. (the Washington Post)

>> House Republicans are really diving into the meaty issues: members can now use electronic devices in the House chamber. Yay! Brickbreaker for all! Florida Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen was the first to use her phone in the House, tweeting this photo. Wait--old people know how to use Twitter? (The Hill)

>> Paul Volcker will announce Friday that he is stepping down as the head of President Obama’s economic advisory panel. This comes after Larry Summers left his job as the director of the National Economic Council in December and Christina Romer vacated the chair of the Council of Economic Advisers in August. So funny! My New Year’s resolution was to clean house too. (Reuters)

>> And finally: Fifty-five-year-old Hall Talayan, an American woman, was arrested by Iran authorities for entering the country without a visa and hiding “spying technology or a microphone” in her teeth. As crazy as Iran is, this technology does exist. Smile for Ahmadinejad! (BBC)

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