Ed Loves Bacon - HBO profiles Rio in final installment of documentary series ‘Witness’

HBO explores conflict around the world through the eyes of photographers in a four-part docu-series airing through November.


Watching the news or reading a magazine, it’s easy to forget about the person behind the camera - that critical eye that pulls you emotionally into the story or conflict being reported. Hundreds of photojournalist put themselves in harm’s way to expand the story beyond the typed or read word. During the month of November, HBO shares the photographer’s story in a four-part docu-series titled Witness.

“The amazing thing is we don’t know many of them,” explains Witness director and executive producer, David Frankham to an audience at the premiere of South Sudan at the Bronze Lens Film Festival earlier this month. “They have affected the way we see the world, how we think about conflicts all over and we don’t know many by name.”

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