Omnivore - Food peeps: Lunch at Taqueria del Sol

I eat lunch at Taqueria del Sol (2165 Cheshire Bridge Road, 404-321-1118), nee Sundown Cafe, at least once a week. I long ago gave up any hope of anonymity there, since I usually know someone at the bar, where I always eat.

Indeed, one of those I've often run into there is Nancy Roquemore, one of my editors years ago at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and a freelance food writer in recent years. I learned today that Nancy, who was also a fixture at the Colonnade, died a few days ago. I extend my condolences to her family and friends.

Taqueria del Sol's feature attraction, after its terrific, inexpensive food, is manager George Trusler, long called the "Taco Nazi" (after the "Soup Nazi" of "Seinfeld" fame). George (pictured here in the striped shirt) earned the nickname for his sometimes abrupt manner when confronted with rudeness or a failure to honor restaurant rules. I suggest, for example, that you not approach him while talking on your cell phone.

I asked George a few questions today:

What's your favorite food?

Tacos, of course. After that, I like the Southern cooking I grew up with. I like chicken-fried steak — not country-fried steak — for example.

That's a Texas dish, not a Southern dish.

Whatever. Texas is on the southern part of the map.__

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