Omnivore - Great hair, terrific pizza

"Love your hair!"

"Your hair looks great!"

"When did you cut your hair?"

Three customers in a row at Village Pizza Co. (186 Carroll St., 404-586-0040) remarked on the hair of owner Wesley Phillips during a visit July 4. I don't know what his hair looked like before, but, OK, it's cool now. "Very entrepreneurial," I think I heard him say. (Actually, I'm presuming it was Phillips. Whoever it was seemed to be in charge.)

This restaurant in Cabbagetown makes a perfect white pizza, which you should order with a Caesar side salad. You can add any ingredients to the pizza, but I prefer it straight up. Wayne insisted we put anchovies and chunky, chewy sun-dried tomatoes on it Wednesday.

Besides other pizzas, you'll also find pasta dishes and panini here. Of the latter, I've really liked the ham and four — yes, four — molten cheeses, capicola, tomatoes and basil. The accompanying picture is of the bread the restaurant makes for the panini.

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