Omnivore - E-mail from readers

One recommendation and one query from two readers:

From Alexis Jenee: “I recently had lunch at a new restaurant called Sabor on Walton Street across from Centennial Olympic Park. My co-worker and I were afraid at first to partake of the food here, because there were no other customers inside. However, because we knew that it was a fairly new restaurant, we decided to order. I am so glad that we did. My co-worker and I usually go to all the restaurants that are listed on the Best of Atlanta as well as a few local spots in downtown Atlanta. The food was so well presented and prepared there ( I had the teriyaki duck quesadillas) that I scheduled a birthday private dining event there for my friend the same weekend! Please review this restaurant!

Mandy Merkle is headed to Oz and needs help: “We are off to Sydney and Melbourne in December and I was wondering if you had any ‘must do’s’ in either place. I do have a list from Food & Wine but I would love your seasoned opinion. Don’t know if you’ve been to Oz but maybe you have some scoop anyway; I would greatly appreciate it.”

If you have recommendations, please note them in the comments section. Besha? Ms. Rodell is an Aussie and should be able to help out.

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