Omnivore - He grills the ribs, they kiss his ass

The ritual of cooking for others at your own home never occurs among overt adversaries in normal life, as far as I know. But politics makes strange dining companions. As you may have read, the Washington press corps — bless their itty-bitty ethics — recently journeyed to John McCain's ranch in Sedona, Ariz., to party with their favorite candidate. McCain grilled ribs and chicken for them while they played on a tire swing and swilled booze.

No cameras or recording devices were permitted. It was all for fun!

Anyone who grew up in the Watergate era finds this sight astonishing. The press corps seems to have learned nothing from its buddying up to George Bush. Memoir after memoir has documented, often with amazing naivete, how Bush got a free pass from journalists because of his phony down-home demeanor. So, here we go again. The should-be-adversaries are still more interested in licking ass and eating ribs.

Check out this video by McCain's daughter. Does it cross any of the reporters' minds how odd it is that they were forbidden to record anything, even though they became actors in an event that was turned into a political ad?

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(Hat tip to Glenn Greenwald.)

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