Omnivore - Michael Tuohy is blogging

Michael Tuohy, chef-owner of Woodfire Grill, is maintaining a blog, frontburner, that is a good-read for anyone interested in the organic movement and food politics. I'm not sure why he avoids the use of capital letters, but here's an excerpt from his (disturbing) Feb. 20 post:

for the past couple of years, i have been on a mission to find local farms that are raising animals, such as hogs, beef, trout, etc. in sustainable and humane ways to supply me. i have succeeded with a couple of farms that can produce for me amazing hogs on a consistent basis, and finally, some decent grassfed beef.

these small producers really don't have the capability of supplying me with cases of "cuts" read loins, or ribeyes, hangar steaks etc. so, I feel the obligation to purchase the animals whole or in some cases primal cuts. i actually find enjoyment and pride in knowing how to butcher a whole hog, utilize every part for a different process ie; sausage, pancetta, coppa, lardo and other charcuterie.

today, a health inspector said I can't do this anymore unless i apply for a "special variance" to the code. i cannot serve my house made sausages or cured meats to my customers?? this is quite ludicrous! especially since we have not had an inspection in 18 months! the inspector started by telling me how short staffed they are. should this be my problem? i can't tell my customers that we are short staffed and expect them to feel sorry for me.

Tuohy has long been our city's most progressive chef in terms of promoting local and organic produce, sustainable farming and healthy eating. His blog includes entries on the recent Georgia Organics Conference, presidential politics, the water supply and more. Read it all here.