Omnivore - Recanting a recommendation

I've often reported that my favorite taqueria is the one in the back of El Molino grocery store on Cheshire Bridge at Faulkner Road. The store was sold some months ago and changed names to La Sierra. I have only eaten there a few times since. It was obvious that the longtime cook had disappeared, along with his daily specials of home-style Mexican dishes unavailable anywhere else in the city.

I stopped by again recently and found further changes. The taqueria offers a small weekday buffet now, but it looked unappetizing to say the least. Prices on entrees have risen substantially. And, most alarming, the health department report taped to the wall next to the order window shows that the taqueria's rating has dropped from 97 to 80.

Hasta luego!

I believe we even included the taqueria in the Best of Atlanta, but I can't recommend the place any more. Major bummer.

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