Omnivore - Vortex now siding with idiots and tight-asses?

I've always enjoyed the Vortex. Even when the food hasn't been perfect, it's given me pleasure to eat in a place that calls itself an "idiot-free zone." Oh sure, the employees often seem to be a bit tipsy — apparently they are allowed to drink on the job — but you gotta love a restaurant that issues warnings like this to customers:

News Flash for Tight-Asses: The Vortex is what it is. If you find our policies, our decor or any other aspect of our operation offensive, you're free to take your business elsewhere. Just don't expect us to beg you to stay, or vow to change our evil ways. Wise up. We really don't care if we offend you. If you think that's awful, be sure to tell all your tight-ass friends how terrible we are because we don't want them spoiling our fun either.

Imagine my surprise, then, when our favorite server was recently fired for telling some late diners that the restaurant was closing and she wasn't sure where to tell them to go to eat.

I think she put it perfectly: "I'm too rude to work in the restaurant where you're supposed to be rude."

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