Omnivore - Part-time Romans find happiness in Atlanta

My friends Brian Lapin and Eric Varner, part-time residents of Rome, are continually complaining about the lack of good mozzarella di bufala in the city. They are (almost) happy at last:

We went to the neighborhood farmer's market this morning and stopped by the Via Elisa table to buy cheese. They had some packages of mozzarella di bufala and since they were only $6, we decided to try one. Incredibly and amazingly, the cheese was delicious and while not of the same exquisite quality as in Italy, far and away the best we have ever had here. Run, don't walk.

That would be the Peachtree Road Farmers Market, open every Saturday in the parking lot of the Cathedral of St. Philip at 2744 Peachtree Rd. If you can't wait, visit Via Elisa's shop.

(17th Century drawing of Roman banquet, featuring recumbent diners, from the Royal Collection of the British monarchy.)

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