Omnivore - Jake's Ice Cream opens Oak Grove location

At long last, Jake's Ice Cream has launched its new location in the Oak Grove neighborhood (at 2746 Lavista Road), officially opening its doors on August 9. I say "at long last" because the Jake's sign has been up in an Oak Grove strip mall for nearly a month. My family and I don't live in Oak Grove, but it's convenient enough for us that we've been stalking the location for weeks, our faces pressed up to the glass. At one point I actually called one of the other Jake's location for information, but whoever answered the phone had no idea about the new venue and insisted that it did not exist.

But the new Jake's is definitely real, and on Sunday my family and I ate scoops of Tiramisu Su Sudio, Devyn's Animal Cracker and Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream to prove it. The new restaurant is still getting its sea legs, with servers providing ice cream in plastic cups rather than dishes, but the table tops have amusing decorations and the sofas are plush and comfy. My family will inevitably be regulars there.

Image courtesy of Jake's Ice Cream.

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