Omnivore - Paging Bill Addison

Former San Francisco Chronicle writer pens new book

Kim Severson, a former food writer for the San Francisco Chronicle now with the New York Times, has published a new book, Spoon Fed: How Eight Cooks Saved My Life.

Among the eight cooks she profiles is Edna Lewis, longtime mentor of Scott Peacock, who brought Atlantans their best taste of Southern cooking at Watershed, until his recent departure.

Michael Bauer, the Chronicle's dining critic, wrote about his former employee's new book on Friday, April 16. Among his comments about Severson:

Full disclosure: I hired her here and I'm mentioned several times in the book, though I'm far from a central character. Still, it's always interesting to see how others see me (aside from the many snarky comments on my blog which make it crystal clear). In one reference, for example, she described me as being a "maddening boss."

"Michael could infuriate the staff to the point of mutiny one day, and the next commit such an understated, well-timed act of kindness that all was forgiven." She has similar insights into others in her book, which makes for a well-written, fun read.

Readers may remember that Bill Addison, former dining critic for CL, moved to San Franciso to work for the Chronicle. (He left there after a short period for the Dallas Morning News and then back to Atlanta to become dining critic for Atlanta Magazine.)

So, I’m wondering if Bill will review Severson’s book and comment on her observations about his own former boss.

It’s six degrees of separation at most in the foodie world.