Grazing: First Look: Farm Burger

Plus a visit to Rusto's Pizzeria & Pub

America is a strange place. We routinely bash obese people, even though the majority of Americans are overweight. We're all about learning to eat in a healthier manner. Yet we're obsessed more than ever with hamburgers and pizza, both of which have long been branded excessively fattening and unhealthy. Now they're the stuff of foodie fantasies.

Burger joints in particular are opening everywhere, and most have a gimmick – everything from association with a celebrity chef, like Richard Blais' Flip, to a sustainable and ethical business model, like Decatur's new Farm Burger (4108 W. Ponce de Leon Ave., 404-378-5077, www.farmburger.net).

The new burger joint has been an overnight hit. During my first visit, on a Sunday evening, the crowd was so heavy and the order line so slow moving, we decided to leave. We returned the next night, Monday, and stepped almost immediately to the counter, but almost as soon as we sat down, another wave of people arrived.

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(Photo by James Camp)