Omnivore - The city's best Southwestern at Agave

The restaurant will also be celebrating its 10th anniversary this October.

Agave (242 Boulevard, 404-588-0006 www.agaverestaurant.com), routinely described as the best Southwestern restaurant in the city, is coming up on its 10th anniversary this October. It's not far from our house and is always busy, usually with a full parking lot and people sipping tequila drinks outside while they wait for a table.

When Wayne's mother visited last week, I figured it was a good opportunity to revisit the restaurant. We haven't dined there in a couple of years and needed a Mother's Day destination. I scored a reservation and we were lucky to get seated as soon as we arrived, despite the usual crowd.

Of course, as soon as we sat down, I recalled that Wayne's mother is not a big fan of spicy food. And the Agave menu does highlight chilies in just about every dish, especially the New Mexican Hatch green chile, often regarded as the world's best. The restaurant also utilizes jalapeños, red chilies, poblanos, serranos, habaneros, anchos and cayenne. As I explained to Wayne's mother, the piquancy of many chilies can unpredictably range from very mild to very hot, so I felt quite guilty about bringing her here.

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