Omnivore - Kessler (sort of) comments on Meridith Ford Goldman’s departure

Dining section will remain “robust”

As every foodie has heard, Meridith Ford Goldman has quit her job as dining critic at the AJC. At this writing there’s still been no formal announcement on the paper’s website, but I did find this post from John Kessler on

Meridith did resign to pursue a new career. I have no idea what or where. No decision has been made yet on precisely what shape the AJC’s dining coverage will take, other than it will be robust in print and online. I know this sounds like corporate speak, but we really do try to respond as best we can to the needs of our readers. Change always provides an opportunity to rethink what we are doing and how to make it better. As soon as I have something more substantive to tell you, I’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions or ideas, I’d love to hear them. You can comment here or drop me a line at

(Graphic from Goldman’s new website, Life is Lemonade.)