Omnivore - Hittin’ the pig roast

We hit Saturday’s pig roast at Cabbagetown Market. Here’s farmer Mike Aiken of Waco, Ga., at the smoker, which was placed in the lot next to the market, along with a community table. I’ve never heard of a Waco in Georgia, but Mr. Aiken told me it’s off the last exit of I-20 west, just before you cross the state line into Alabama.

The pulled barbecue was lightly smoky, just enough on the fatty side to provide a full blast of flavor. I confess I didn’t much care for the sauce served with it — one of those ketchupy-like, sweet sauces. I prefer the coastal Carolina types, with plenty of vinegar.

Cabbagtown Market provided side dishes, including cheese grits with collards and some especially good cornbread. I also ordered some sliced tomatoes. (The Market buys its eggs from Mr. Aiken, by the way.)

I ran into Jennifer Zyman, the Blissful Glutton, and her boyfriend Mr. Moonie. Jennifer, who also writes CL’s cheap eats column, said she is leaving to visit India in a few days. She’ll be stopping in Turin, for the truffle festivities there. I’m not jealous, really I’m not.

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