Omnivore - Email with a Japanese flavor

Miso Izakaya is on the way:

Hello Cliff,

I read in your comment from Omnivore blog not too long ago that you drove by couple of times and did not see any activity at the restaurant space.

Here are some updated "work in" progress photos of Miso:


Hopefully we will be open in January. Of course, I have been telling people that since July.

Happy Holidays,

Guy Wong

A new food blogger reports on our loss and New York's gain:

Hi Cliff,

I am one of the many readers of cliffbostock.com Yay!, as well as your various postings over at CL!  I thought you would find this pretty neat: http://www.foodiebuddha.com/2008/12/16/top-chef-madrid-fusion-love-soto/.  I just launched a few days ago, so there isn't much content over there - in fact...all three of my posts are about Soto so far!  But we're working on a re-design and i have loads of content to push out!

Take care,


Actually, The FoodieBuddha has posted a good bit since writing me. He also shares the bad news that Frank and Amy Ma have departed their latest venture, Fran Ma South on Briarcliff.

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