Grazing: First Look: Spoon East Atlanta

A first look at Spoon in East Atlanta

“Excuse me while I go to the restroom,” I told Wayne.

“Again?” he replied.

It was my third visit during our meal at Spoon (749 Moreland Ave., 404-624-4713) in East Atlanta. This Thai restaurant has been opened by the same people who operate Spoon on Marietta Street in West Atlanta.

My continual visits to the bathroom had nothing to do with the usual reasons. I was already weeping and sneezing 24 hours a day because of pine pollen. But Spoon’s very spicy food had caused my sinuses to evacuate and my eyes to water even more. I had to run to the bathroom repeatedly to blow my nose with the intensity of a trumpet solo.

Honestly, I love hot food and I wince when I hear diners whining to servers that they don’t eat spicy. (“Then, why are you here?” would be the appropriate response.) But this Spoon, like the original, challenges my own tolerance. You have three choices – “medium spicy,” “hot” and “Thai hot” – and even the medium is capable of causing your mouth to sizzle.

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(Photo by James Camp)

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