Omnivore - Slider Night at the Shed: a terrific bargain

Chef Lance Gummere takes a break from chicken hearts

We hit the Shed at Glenwood tonight for its regular Wednesday “$3 Slider Night.” I admit that I was skeptical about this but — damn — whatta deal. Chef Lance Gummere was cooking six sliders, all of which we tried: fried chicken, pork schnitzel, liver and onions, chicken salad, pork belly BLT and an Angus burger.

Wayne and I ordered four each and, despite being professional over-eaters, could not finish them all. These are smallish — compared to one of Miss Anne’s Ghetto Burgers. But as Wayne said of the one he carried home, “This here fried chicken one is bigger than a Chick-fil-a.” Indeed, I’m tempted to say they’re almost all as large as the burgers at Flip.

All of them were tasty, although I didn’t much care for the mustard on the schnitzel. I’m not sure why. It’s certainly a classic condiment for schnitzel. My favorite was probably the least adventurous — the plain Angus burger.

An average eater would be quite happy with two of these, I think — three at the outside. Thank God we scrapped our plan to order some truffled fries on the side.

I have yet to taste Chef Gummere’s fried chicken hearts. As a kid, I used to fight my father for the heart and gizzard when my mother fried chicken. Gummere is serving the hearts over so-called “toad in the hole” — toasted brioche with a hole in the center in which an egg is fried.

Gummere is interviewed on the restaurant’s site. I like this:

__’‘What got you interested in cooking in the first place?
The television show Three’s Company! Jack Tripper was a chef and lived with two beautiful girls. I wanted that life.

(Photo by Cliff Bostock)’‘__