Omnivore - Three signs of the times

Piccadilly Cafeteria closing at Ansley Mall

First sign of the times: Cheap food. I can't think of a better bargain in Midtown than a meal at Eats on Ponce de Leon Ave. Here's half a chicken roasted with jerk seasonings, an ear of fresh corn, a bowl of lima beans and some collards — for just under $10. And it all tastes good

Second sign of the times: This warning is afixed to the door of Eats.

Third sign of the times: Ansley Mall is doomed to eventual redevelopment but the Piccadilly Cafeteria there is closing this week or next, I'm told. I wonder where the area's church groups will go for dinner now. The parade of hats and suits in colors unknown to nature has long been a favorite Sunday spectacle there.

(Photos by Cliff Bostock)