Omnivore - Say WHAT?

Everybody's rumored to be closing in Va.-Hi.

Tomorrow's News Today, an entertainingly gossipy site about retail and restaurant developments, is reporting that Everybody's Pizza in Virginia-Highland is closing and will be replaced by the third location of Genki Noodles and Sushi.

The rumor is unconfirmed and is surprising, to say the least, considering how popular Everybody's is. But check out the speculation on Tomorrow's News. I'd hate for you to be denied gossip.

Not to add fuel to the gossip fire, but I panicked [http://wesellrestaurants.com/restaurant-for-sale/2027/Atlanta-restaurant-for-sale.html?view_all=Y&profitable=&start=0&chosen_location[]=38&|when I saw this ad]. But my favorite ice cream joint has red umbrellas, right? Right?