Omnivore - Crack-sicles on North Highland

Checking in with the King of Pops

Image I was at the barber shop Thursday, getting my 27 hairs coiffed while I browsed the latest issue of Details Magazine. I came across an article featuring two recipes from Locopops, the gourmet popsicle vendor in North Carolina's Triangle Area.

Why Locopops and not Atlanta's own King of Pops? Steven Carse, the King, has, after all, received an avalanche of publicity, local and national. In fact, he's received so much publicity I haven't bothered to write about him. Anything I'd have to say would be superfluous. (Check out Thomas Wheatley's "Cheap Eats" piece in CL.)

But I vowed today to finally visit the King at his cart at the corner of North Highland and North avenues. Now that I have inhaled frozen crack in the form of a blackberry mojito popsicle and I am in the grips of an immediate addiction, I'm happy to add my endorsement to everyone else's.

I felt kind of silly taking Steven's picture today, considering how it's been plastered everywhere. I asked him, in fact, if he was tired of having his picture taken continually.

"It's okay," he said.

Humility. Well, it's all true — his popsicles are a hell of a lot better than just okay. They are truly crack-sicles.

(By the way, the same issue of Details that highlights Locopops also includes a mention and photo of Two Urban Licks as one of four great places in America to drink draft wine.)