Omnivore - Reader recommends Wasabi Grill

Get your Japanese/Korean fix in town.

I received this email from Mary Morrison:

My husband and I moved from San Francisco to Atlanta a couple of years ago and are very happy all around, especially with the food scene. Of course, being from San Francisco, we frequent Buford Highway establishments quite often!

We live in the West Side of town where there are plenty of excellent restaurants. There is a new restaurant at 398 14th Street called Wasabi Grill (404-968-2271). It's a combo of Japanese and Korean (Atlanta loves a "combo" restaurant, as my husband and I constantly observe), but the owners are actually Korean.

It's a very nice little mom-pop restaurant located near the large, new mosque. While they offer the usual Japanese food, we ordered the Korean fare and found it quite good. The son of the owner, who was extremely helpful, sweet and friendly, told us that they would like to expand on their Korean menu if/when the restaurant becomes more successful...