Omnivore - Changes at Bakeshop

Jonathan St. Hilaire and Concentrics divorce


The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that Jonathan St. Hilaire and Concentric Restaurants have parted company:

St. Hilaire, who had been the executive pastry chef for all of Concentrics' restaurants until 2009, and the restaurant group announced today they have dissolved their partnership.

Hilaire partnered with Atlanta-based Concentrics Restaurants, co-founded by Bob Amick and Todd Rushing, to open Bakeshop in Midtown.

Hilaire will continue to operate Bakeshop on his own.

“We sincerely enjoyed working with Jonathan St. Hilaire and assisting in the success of Bakeshop,” said Amick. “We were pleased to maintain a relationship with him for so many years and wish him the best of luck in his future."

It's an "amick-able" divorce, apparently, but no explanation has been offered.

By the way, Concentrics Restaurants has been offering a 50-percent off coupon throughout the summer. The offer, with a $25 maximum, is still good but expires Sept. 6. Visit their homepage and click on "Summer Swag."