Omnivore - An overdue visit

Checking out Sun in My Belly


  • Cliff Bostock


  • Cliff Bostock

I've been derelict for years in not visiting the very popular Sun in My Belly in Kirkwood. Open for lunch and breakast, the restaurant is located at 2161 College Ave. (404-370-1088).

I'm making a point of the address because it's not easily spotted. The building's most conspicuous sign says "Hardware" across the front — the original tenant, apparently — and Sun in My Belly's sign is a tiny white oval.

The restaurant, whose owners also operate a catering business, is well reviewed on most foodie sites, but there's a repeated criticism of a hipster clientele. I didn't know hipsters were breakfast people. I certainly didn't run into any when I visited a few days ago.

Actually, I visited just before noon and ordered an omelet from the breakfast menu. It was just right, full of prosciutto, red peppers and spinach. I also got a side of couscous with chopped beets. Most of the menu is classic sandwiches made with smoked turkey, roast beef, chicken salad, ham and the like.

The restaurant, hipster hangout or not, has a very pleasant vibe. There are two dining rooms. The dining tables and chairs look like portable furniture for catering events themselves, but they're comfortable enough. The walls are decorated with a rather strange series of silhouette portraits. The staff is friendly.

I'll definitely return.

Oh, the restaurant's name, according to the website, was Picasso's response when he was asked what compelled him to create.