Omnivore - Readers tell all

Gossip, good and greasy

This is from a reader and sounds very cool:

P'Cheen has a new "Just Trust Us" item on their starters menu. The chefs create a totally random dish on the spot, and they say they never do the same thing twice. We had a "mini Thanksgiving dinner" (quail with brioche stuffing & saffron mashed potatoes). It was so good that we asked them to do a Just Trust Us entree...and they turned out a coffee rubbed pork loin with red eye gravy. One of the most memorable dinners I've had in a long time...and really exciting to see what they come up with. Just thought you'd like to know!

Cafe Circa's new chef, Hopeton Hibbert, has created a new menu of Caribbean/Latin dishes. Hibbert was chef at Atmosphere, a French restaurant, and at Eclipse di Luna before that, where the menu is Latin itself. The restaurant also has a new bar chef, Ava Kopieczek, who has also developed a new menu...

The 45-year-old Varsity Jr. closed last Sunday. A reader has a question about my recent mention of the restaurant's architect:

Cliff, so glad you mentione John Portman as designer of the Varsity Jr. About a month ago I contacted Portman’s assistant asking her to confirm the information, which I have known for years. She did not respond. Good for you. Do you happen to know the exact date the Varsity Jr. opened?

I have no idea. If any reader does, please comment below.

Here's some bad news from another reader:

Any knowledge of why Ribs Etc. with awesome ribs, cute waiters and busboys, and good ambiance, suddenly closed, and has a sign out front stating "Equipment Auction 8/31"? WTF? Nothing on their website about closing, relocating, anything.

Yep, the phone is disconnected but the website remains with this ironic first sentence: "Ribs Etc. has stood the test of time. Locally owned and operated since 1986, we are an Atlanta and Buckhead staple."