Omnivore - Chefs spill their guts

They like fast food and hate liver

Image There's a very entertaining article on Yahoo Green entitled "25 things chefs never tell you." The article summarizes results of an anonymous poll of chefs by Food Network Magazine. Some random findings:

Chefs are pickier than you think.
Liver, sea urchin, tofu, eggplant, and oysters, of all things, topped the list of foods chefs hate most. Only 15% of chefs surveyed said they’d eat absolutely anything.

When eating out in other restaurants, chefs say they avoid pasta and chicken.
Why? These dishes are often the most overpriced (and least interesting) on the menu. Said one chef, “I won’t pay $24 for half a chicken breast.” Said another, “I want something I can’t make myself.”

...they like fast food.
Their favorite chain: Wendy’s. Culinary degrees aren’t necessarily the norm. Just half the chefs surveyed graduated from a cooking school. The rest got their training the old-fashioned way, by working their way up through the kitchen ranks.

“Vegetarian” is open to interpretation.
About 15% of chefs said their vegetarian dishes might not be completely vegetarian. Beware if you’re one of those super-picky vegan types: One chef reported seeing a cook pour lamb’s blood into a vegan’s primavera.

Image There’s a reason so many restaurants serve molten chocolate cake.
More than 75% of chefs said they take inspiration from other restaurant menus.

That last one particularly amused me. I am sooooo sick of molten chocolate cake.

Finally, I note an entry relevant to critics:

Critics trump movie stars in the VIP pecking order.
A whopping 71% of chefs said they give special treatment to restaurant critics when they spot them; only 63% do the same for celebrities. Making out in the bathroom is old news. More than half of the chefs have found customers kissing — and much more — in the restaurant loo.

I wish they'd polled further to find out exactly what the special treatment is. I have no idea what the last two sentences have to do with critics. I've heard rumors, but I've never caught a critic making out with a chef in the bathrooom.

(Hat tip: 285 Foodies)