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The Blotter October 29 2008 (1)

Tony Romo’s “bff” gets pepper-sprayed.

HAUNTED HEAD? At a cell phone store on Peachtree Street, the manager called police and said a strange man refused to leave and demanded a replacement phone, but he had no ID. Police officers found the man down the street. The man “apologized and thanked us several times, but continued to back away,” the officer wrote. Police eventually caught him and pepper-sprayed him. “As we were trying to apply restraints the man tried to bite our hands ...” an officer wrote. “The man made several rambling statements about being a minister, playing for the Cowboys, being friends with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, and stated he was going to bring us lobsters.” Police found three small baggies of suspected marijuana in his pockets. The man, age 22, went to jail.

(Illustration by Tray Butler)

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