Hollywood Product: The Hangover (1)

GENRE: Disastrous comedy that happens in Vegas

THE PITCH: The morning after a raucous Vegas bachelor party, hungover groomsmen Phil, Stu and Alan (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, respectively) woozily retrace their steps to find the mysteriously missing groom, Doug (Justin Bartha).

MONEY SHOTS: The establishing shots of the trashed, smoldering chicken-infested hotel suite, so artfully wrecked it could be a Vanity Fair concept photo shoot. The hotel valet returns not the guy’s borrowed Mercedes, but a stolen police car. The guys demonstrate police stun guns — the hard way — to avoid a trial. Mike Tyson’s sleeping tiger wakes up in the guys' Mercedes.

BEST LINE: “I didn’t know they give out rings at the Holocaust,” says Alan, upon Stu’s exclamation that a stripper (Heather Graham) is wearing his grandmother’s Holocaust ring.

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(Photo by Frank Masi/Warner Bros.)