Hollywood Product: Furry Vengeance (1)

A film to remind you just how awful movies can be

GENRE: Fish-out-of-water slapstick

THE PITCH: Well-meaning but compromised real estate developer Dan Sanders (Brendan Fraser) bears the brunt of the animal outrage at his company's plans to destroy an unspoiled forest.

MONEY SHOTS: The animals employ a Rube-Goldberg device to roll boulders at unsuspecting SUVs. Dan's face swells grotesquely from bee stings. Dan has a nightmare of his wife (Brooke Shields) with a raccoon face.

ANIMAL ANTICS: The ring-leading raccoon and his platoons of skunks, crows and occasional bears neither talk nor behave like real beasts. Instead, they flash creepy CGI grins or twinkly eyes, while chirping noises sound like like "Uh-oh!" "Yoo-hoo!" etc. At times, comic strip thought-balloons "translate" the squeaks of the animals.

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(Photo courtesy Summit Entertainment)