Omnivore - Krugman on global food crisis

What role does global warming have?

Several commenters here have recently remarked on the increasing cost of food. Paul Krugman's column Monday dealt with the global food crisis and examined the role of climate change. Here's his conclusion (but read the entire column for his factual argument):

The usual suspects will, of course, go wild over suggestions that global warming has something to do with the food crisis; those who insist that Ben Bernanke has blood on his hands tend to be more or less the same people who insist that the scientific consensus on climate reflects a vast leftist conspiracy.

But the evidence does, in fact, suggest that what we’re getting now is a first taste of the disruption, economic and political, that we’ll face in a warming world. And given our failure to act on greenhouse gases, there will be much more, and much worse, to come.