Omnivore - Chilling in Grant Park

Rediscovering Grant Park Coffeehouse

Sorry for the light posting in the last week. I had an epic stomach flu that friends tell me is going around, so I'm not going to accuse any restaurants of poisoning me.

I have ventured out a few times and one of my destinations has been Grant Park Coffeehouse which is near our home. (And "near" has been esssential.) This cozy spot just passed its year anniversary and that's no small accomplishment. Its location at 753 Cherokee Avenue, across from Zoo Atlanta, seems to kill one venture after another. If my last two visits are an accurate indication, though, the shop is doing a brisk business.

Besides decent coffee drinks, the friendly spot is selling house-made pastries and they are good. A chewy oatmeal cookie had an almost gingery tang. A chocolate-chip scone was crumbly with a shiny, crisp exterior that contrasted nicely with the melt-in-your mouth chocolate. Sandwiches and ice cream are also available.

The staff, including a former barista from the Ansley Starbucks, is calm and collected — not an entirely easy thing to do, considering the fairly constant flow of children and stroller-pushing parents. (And don't get exercised; I love watching children in restaurants.)

There's also free, uncomplicated WiFi and a nice view of a civil war cannon (almost) pointing toward the shop.

I really hope this place thrives. I urge my fellow Grant Parkers and visitors to the park and zoo to stop by.