Omnivore - USA Today loves Bell Street Burritos

Is Bell Street one of America's 10 best burrito joints?

Image Que bueno. USA Today has named Bell Street Burritos one of America's "10 great places to bite into a big burrito." Here's what the newspaper had to say:

For a memorable meal wrapped in a freshly steamed tortilla, head to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market near downtown. If it's a spiritual experience, there's a reason. Bell Street Burritos is run by a former professor of religion from Morehouse College. "The beans are tender, the red sauce is just spicy enough, the green sauce is full of tomatillos, cilantro and jalapenos," Baldwin of Thrillist.com says. 678-732-0488.

This of course will be controversial. Indeed, Besha herself yawned after sampling Bell Street's burritos, causing a flurry of controversy among commenters. So, let it be noted that USA Today didn't call Bell Street one of the "10 best." It called it a "great place," not a "best place." Got that? Good.

It doesn't help USA Today's credibility that they mislabeled the photo accompanying the story.