Omnivore - A visit to Wisteria

Website hours, celebrity guest, Scout Mob

Image We dined at Wisteria in Inman Park Sunday night. You’ll have to read “Grazing” later this week to learn about our meal, but our visit did bring up something that drives me crazy.

I’m talking about inaccurate websites. I should have learned by now to call any restaurant before visiting. But I checked Wisteria’s hours online. The site said they were open until 10 p.m. Sundays. When we got to the restaurant just before 9 p.m., the valet told us we had “three and a half minutes” to get through the door. He said the hours on Sundays had been abbreviated.

They did seat us, but only after checking with the kitchen. Chef/owner Jason Hill recognized me and later explained that the early closing had to do with kitchen cleaning that was occurring that evening. I’m still unsure whether the early closing is temporary. Like I said, call any restaurant that you have any questions about.

By the way, one of the Will and Grace cast members was there Sunday night. As I explained to the incredulous Chef Hill, I literally don’t watch TV and had no idea who he was talking about. The chef also told me he had been swamped for months because of advertising a Scout Mob coupon. He was expecting “about 2100” to redeem the coupons. Instead, 12,000 have showed up.