Omnivore - Empire State South to out-chicken Watershed?

Restaurant plans elaborate Sunday dinner


The bad news is that Watershed's closing means the end of the city's favorite fried chicken dinner, served every Tuesday night for years.

The good news is that Empire State South has scheduled a family-style "local chicken dinner" for 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 11. It's not fried chicken, but the six-course meal, co-hosted with Plowpoint Farm and Darby Farms, looks amazing. Cost is $85 and includes paired wines (reservations, 404-541-1105):

First course: Consommé: Custard Royale, Chantrelles, Chicken Boudin, Fine Herbs
Sparkling Saumur Rosé, Louis de Grenelle, Loire, NV

Second course: Chicken Liver Terrine, Confit of Neck and Gizzards,
Pickles, Toasted Bread, Tarragon Mustard
Riesling, Von Hövel, Oberemmeler Hütte Spatlese, Mosel, Germany, 2007

Third course: Vol-au-Vent au Vollaille: Chicken Oysters, Sweet Onion,
Thyme, Poached Egg, Crisp skin
Gaglioppo, Statti, Calabria, Italy, 2009

Fourth course: Chicken Roulade: Fennel Broth, Braised Leg, Ricotta Dumpling, Carrot, Celery
Bourgogne, Thibeault Liger-Belair, France, 2005

Fifth course: Farm Egg-Sorghum Custard in a Jar
Vouvray, La Craie, Loire, France, 2009

Sixth course: Roasted Peach, Ile Flottante
Moscato d’Asti, Vietti, Piedmont, Italy, 2010

By the way, chef/partner Hugh Acheson's cookbook, A New Turn in the South: Southern Flavors Reinvented for Your Kitchen, will be published Oct. 18.