Omnivore - Tom Maicon discovers cod sperm

Sushi Nami in Alpharetta offers the delicacy


Tom Maicon of Food & Beer Atlanta reports on his latest discovery:

In this country, sperm is a naughty five-letter word on any menu. Not so much in other countries, but here in the good ole US of A, it’s in our nature to run as fast as we can the other way.

That’s why I believe Sushi Nami (5316-B Windward Pkwy, Alpharetta Tel: 678.566.3889 ) is due special kudos. Not only do they serve the city’s best hamachi sashimi, the kitchen sticks to its guns by offering cod sperm (also called cod milt) on the specials board almost every single day, even lunches.

He goes on to describe it in delicious language.

An Asian-American friend agrees with him. "Oh, that's nothing. It's good," he said.

"You've had this in Atlanta?" I asked.

"Oh, no, in Tokyo. It's all over the place. And in Philadelphia."

There's something new to eat every day.