Omnivore - Biggest and smallest desserts of the week

Victory Sandwich Bar and Goin' Coastal win big and small


Image And now the awards for biggest and smallest desserts of the week, presented by Frankie and Annette. One of their films was projected on the wall of Victory Sandwich Bar while we dined there earlier this week. At Frankie's insistence, Victory's serving of bread pudding takes the award for gigantickest. Frankie's a white-bread kind of guy and this came close to emulating his own persona.

The dessert, new on Victory's menu, costs $3.50. I know you can't really gauge the proportions in this iPhone picture. Just believe me.

The bar's "sandwich tapas," mainly $4 each, also remain a great bargain. Two are more than adequate for most people. The super-thin will do with one. I ordered the the Hambo (prosciutto, mozzarella, arugula, apple and a balsamic reduction) and the BBLT (bacon, baconnaise, tomato and romaine).

Image Annette, whose hair borders on zaftig, is happy to award Goin' Coastal's pecan pie the award for teeniest dessert of the week. Granted, the dessert was the conclusion of its $25, 3-course meal during last week's Midtown Restaurant Week. But another dessert, bread pudding made with Krispy Kreme donuts, was a big serving.

The restaurant might as well have stuffed the slice-ettes in little goblets like Seasons 52 does. This is especially cruel, because the pie is freakin' wonderful.