Omnivore - Bankers and rats invade two restaurants

Hot Dog Heaven and Melton’s App & Tap under siege

Here’s a sickening story with a happy ending that 11 Alive’s John Shirek has been reporting. The couple that own the 8-year-old Hot Dog Heaven in Woodstock received notification that their bank was calling in their $250,000 loan. Never mind Barney and Becky Wentzel’s perfect payment record.

Grotesquely, the bank’s reps would not even explain their action except to say they had decided the business was “not viable.” When the bank received the bad press and an avalanche of calls from angry customers, they offered the Wentzels a “viable” agreement but still would not explain their original action.

Maybe it’s time to form an Occupy Woodstock group.

Meanwhile WSB TV and the AJC report that a rat infestation has caused the owner of Melton’s App & Tap in Decatur to close his doors. The rats are invading the restaurant from an adjoining Pet Supermarket, which is closed under court order until it fixes the problem.