Omnivore - Does Michelle got back?

Butt controversy reaches the White House and beyonce, er, beyond.

Doubtless, you aleady know that Michelle Obama's butt rocked the world this week. The idiotic Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) apologized after remarking twice that Michelle displays a "big butt" despite her support of healthy food initiatives.
It's been little reported in the media that a big butt is not typically an indication of overeating. It's a genetic thing and a recent Harvard study concludes that a bigger butt actually reduces the risk of diabetes. Nor, of course, is a big ass a liability appearance-wise, except, perhaps, among chubby legislators. Evidence: the Sir Mix-a Lot video above.

Further evidence: Check out the list of big-bootied celebrities compiled by TheRichest.org. Jennifer Lopez leads the list, with Kim Kardashian and Beyonce in second and third place.

So it may be rude to talk about the first lady's callipygian asset, but Sensenbrenner had no idea that he was paying Michelle a superb compliment.