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A birthday lunch at Pietra Cucina


Today is my friend Brad's birthday and that means we lunched at La Pietra Cucina with two others. This otherworldly assemblage is the dessert plate prepared by chef Bruce Logue. (Note the solitary candle. A cake with the appropriate number would pose a monumental fire hazard.)

The plate included fluffy zeppole, standing beside rectangles of semifreddo and slices of pine-nut and pecan pie. This followed my entree of chicken lasagna without a drop of tomato sauce. The noodles were briefly broiled to crispness. Fontina and ricotta cheese also figured in the dish.

The lasagna was preceded by two salads, one with leaves of Brussels sprouts and cauliflower dusted with semolina and quickly fried. The other was full of hen of the woods mushrooms. A rectangle of house-made pate was topped with chopped quince.

I'm sure I missed a bunch of ingredients.

I could barely walk out of the place. I understand why the Romans reclined at banquets. And now, in three hours, I'm headed with friends to a taqueria.

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