Omnivore - Atkins Park and Ormsby's owner Warren Bruno dies

Atkins Park and Ormsby's owner Warren Bruno dies at 64 after battle with cancer.


Warren Bruno, 64, passed away Wednesday morning after an eight-year fight with lymphoma. Bruno was responsible for creating and owning two of Atlanta's favorite restaurants, the historical Atkins Park and Ormsby's.

Bruno bought Atkins Park, the city's oldest continuously-licensed tavern, in 1983 and transformed the restaurant into a hot spot in the Virginia-Highland area. In the same year, Bruno created what is now known as the Virginia-Highland Summerfest which will be held June 2-3..

Credit also goes to Bruno for creating the Westside's warm and welcoming pub Ormsby's. The bar is a favorite of locals looking for an extensive craft beer list, bocce ball, shuffleboard, and unique gastropub menu.

Bruno's legacy as a pillar of Virginia-Highland and will not be easily forgotten.