Omnivore - Irwin Street Market: vote for more ice cream and little pies

Jake Rothschild is applying for a $250,000 grant


I attend a weekly meeting at Irwin Street Market. The facility is home to Jake's Ice Cream and it's always a challenge not to sink my face in a tub of the stuff.

Jake Rothschild also provides space in the market for budding entrepreneurs. A famous example is the King of Pops. The Lilliputian Baking Co. also occupies the market. I sampled one of their tart-size pecan pies last week: crumbly crust with halved pecans over a sweet-potato filling.

Rothschild, by the way, is applying for a $250,000 grant to grow his business. Twelve of the grants are being offered through Mission: Small Business, a project of Chase and Living Social.

Applicants need 250 votes to qualify for the competition. Consider voting for Jake's by going to the Mission home page. Log in with your Facebook account, then fill in the search box with "Jake's Ice Cream," then vote.

Meanwhile, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Jake's honey-fig ice cream, my favorite in the city. Jake grows the figs for the ice cream himself. In fact, he is now farming, along with all of his other pursuits.