Omnivore - Ru San's: king of squooshy sushi

Checking out the buffet at Ru San's


I reluctantly agreed with a friend to lunch today at Ru San's on Piedmont, across from Ansley Mall. This is a restaurant that spawned a chain after it opened — when? — well over a decade ago.

I didn't like it when it opened and, after today, I still don't. The big attraction at lunch is an all-you-can-stomach buffet for $10.95. This includes nigiri, maki roll sections, temaki, and a bunch of tempura-fried things.

Yes, I know. For the little money, I should not expect much. But, as always, the gooey, sometimes mealy textures and absence of flavor shocked me. Even the tempura items were squooshy and cold, too.

Next time, I'll go downstairs and eat the vegetarian food at the Green Sprout. It's about 10 times better.