Omnivore - P'cheen: Pork shanks, fish and chips, moonshine

Gastropub in the O4W


  • M. Jeffres courtesy Caren West PR
  • Fish and Chips at P'Cheen


Last night, we stopped by P'cheen, clutching our iPhones with the Scoutmob 50-percent-off deal (maximum $15). That proved to be a small dent in our $70 meal.

I like the food here for the most part, but much of what we ordered last night was pretty bland. For example, my pork shank was allegedly rubbed in ancho. I couldn't taste any. It was served over so-called poblano grits. I found no poblanos, either. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my meal, but don't promise me spices and then barely use them, if at all. Image

Wayne ordered codfish and chips. The piping-hot fish had good flavor. The huge wedges of fried potato were a bit overwhelming, but tasty enough.

We also ordered the $9 "just trust us" appetizer. That means you're leaving it to the kitchen to make your app. We received a rolled up chunk of steak stuffed with grilled onions and mushrooms, with a dollop of blue cheese on top. I thought it was the best thing we ate.

We split a delicious peach-crumble dessert, and Wayne also drank three shots of the restaurant's moonshine.