Omnivore - Taco Bell: the real stoner food

Food chain has pioneered late-night munchy advertising

There’s no level to which marketing people won’t stoop to attract customers. Alternet recently reported on specific methods of ensnaring children (and their parents) in the fat-making consumption of fast food.

In response to criticism, some of the companies have almost cynically made their routine gut bombs “healthier” by adding sliced apples and using low-fat milk.

But Taco Bell has blazed the trail for the most entertaining not-so-subliminal advertising. Since 2006, it has been advertising what it calls the “Fourth Meal” between dinner and breakfast. A blaring soundtrack about the “late-night munchies,” makes it obviously aimed at stoners.

Some chains, like Jack in the Box (above) have become even more explicit over time.

Is it strange that our corporate food culture markets itself to adult criminals and clueless children?